Feeling empty is something I experience sometimes. Some might think that the absence of feeling would be a welcome release from the usual crushing depression, but in my opinion they’d be wrong with that assumption. I find emptiness unsettling; a strange calm. Just as there is an absence of misery with emptiness there is also an absence of joy; nothing seems to matter or have any real importance, and it’s for that reason that I find my days spent in emptiness are dangerous days. Thoughts of “what’s the point?” Linger in the mind, not good thoughts for someone with suicide ideation. It’s the absence of caring about anything or anyone. I have an inibility to cry, smile, erupt in a rage, etc. I don’t feel the need to go anywhere, do anything, speak to anyone. It’s hard to get through to me because I have no time for you.
Emptiness is difficult to explain, it’s an eerie silence in your mind, a tumbleweed drifting through your subconscious, nothingness.

Hope you’re all well xxx


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