My little eye

So, nearly two weeks ago I lost the sight in my left eye. It started on a Friday night and I just thought it was an aura migraine, I get those so I thought nothing of it. Then Saturday morning my sight was just gone. I can distinguish some shapes in the right light but mainly it’s just dark. I wasn’t worried too much at first, just assumed it would pass. But it didn’t. Now here I am sitting in a hospital bed waiting for a C.T scan.

For most people the thought of staying in hospital is no picnic. I don’t know anybody who likes hospitals. But for someone like me it comes with additional challenges. I am quite calm as I sit here, but that wasn’t the case a couple of hours ago. I was beside myself because I just wanted to go home and I was being told I couldn’t. I was bordering on hysterical by the time the Dr came to see me.

The last week has been just doctors and hospitals and we are still no closer to figuring out what has gone so wrong with my eye.

This situation has really brought it home to me once more that regular adult stuff that I should be able to handle, instead cripples me. I have to explain to confused medical people why I’m in such a state when they meet me and my long suffering mother has to try and explain things on my behalf.

I guess we’ll have to see what the scans say and take it from there.

Hope you’re all well xxx


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