Still in

I’m still in hospital, I want to go home. I’m surrounded by sick people, coughing, gurgling, snoring sick people. I just can’t see out of one eye, apart from that I’m fine. Well not fine, stressed, depressed, but not fine. I want to take my medication but I have to wait until they give it me. I don’t like having to wait around for my drugs, I usually sit and sort out my meds for the week ahead but I can’t do that now. Instead I’ve got to try and remember what I need to take in the morning and the evening. It just doesn’t make any sense. My way of doing things is efficient and I’m used to it, why should that change while I’m in hospital?

I just hope I hear something about my results today, I’ve waited long enough now I think. You would think they would be desperate to get rid of me so they can have the bed but they don’t seem all that bothered.


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