A good whinge

I’m trying my best to be upbeat about my life at the moment but it’s so tough. This year has just been a bin fire for me. I just haven’t been able to catch a break. I’ve got a lot of reasons to be cheerful, but as anyone who suffers with mental ill health will understand, sometimes there doesn’t need to be a reason for your misery.

My eye is still useless. I’m beginning to wonder whether my sight will ever come back. Still waiting for an appointment with an ophthalmologist and neurologist to see whether they can enlighten me as to what this is. I’m not filled with confidence.

I’m still permanently sleepy, but I think I’m calmer with it, which can only be a good thing. I just wish I could be more productive.

I guess these things are sent to try us as they say. I just wish they wouldn’t all come at once that’s all.

Hope you’re all well xxx


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