27 Jan 2019

How do you stop yourself from saying too much? I wish I knew. My life isn’t ordinarily an open book, I don’t vent my spleen to anyone who will listen. But to those people who I find myself connected to deeply, I have this overwhelming urge to spill my soul out. As I’ve said before, I’m an intense individual, I’m all or nothing. It’s fine when the person you choose understands your intensity and is comfortable listening to your warts and all life story. But not everyone is equipped to handle such things, not everyone will feel as connected to you as you are to them. Your story may be too hard a read for some to accept, it may alter ones perception of you so that the relationship is forever changed, for good or bad. I for one thrive on the stories of others, I will listen all night to another soul willing to share their deepest thoughts. I find connectedness in the sharing of these things. There is to me nothing quite as beautiful as the ties that bind our lives together. But I have to accept that some people don’t want or need to find these connections. They may be scared to make them. It’s hard to accept when you live with so much intensity.


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