Time to talk day 2019

So it’s time to talk day today. I had planned to write something poignant, I have been trying to think for the last week what to write that could convey what it’s like to live with mental illness. But at its core it is such a deeply personal thing that what may be similar to another person’s experience may be a world apart from someone else’s.
For me, well, it’s a part of me but not all of me. I live at an intensity that makes me feel exhausted. My lows are almost unbearable and not a day goes by without me thinking how much easier it would be to not exist at all. But flip that and my highs are felt with the same intensity; I love so much that I could burst, I laugh until my bones ache. That joy is what I’m living for. So this time to talk day, bring someone a bit of that joy, in anyway you know how, it just could save a life.

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