Old friends

As a notorious bridge burner, I’ve never really looked back at any relationships romantic or otherwise with any regrets about leaving them behind. But now I look at my friends on Facebook for example and it’s like a graveyard of used up friendships. Some people in my past do from time to time contact me in one way or another; but what is soul destroying are the friendships that were so tight I never thought I’d ever be looking back wondering why I haven’t seen or heard from them in over 10 years. I have a completely different life now. So I guess I’m asking myself, how long is too long? Is it ever too long? Truth is, I miss them so very much, but I’m so afraid of the possible rejection I haven’t had the guts to reach out.

Have any of you guys been in the same position?


One thought on “Old friends

  1. It can feel awkward contacting people after awhile, but if you miss them, maybe some of them miss you too 😉 You have nothing to lose. Even if someone does not respond to you reaching out, it may have nothing to do with rejection, you just never know what is happening in someone’s life!

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