Stigma, suicide and BPD

Around 9 percent of people with BPD complete suicide, which is more than 50 times the rate of suicide in the general population.
This is a somewhat frightening statistic. Not just for BPD sufferers like myself but for those close to sufferers, friends, family, etc. For those of us with a BPD diagnosis, we understand only too well how easily our mood can darken and intrusive dark thoughts can enter ones mind. Suicide ideation affects us deeply in our every day lives, it is something we have been told to fear, something to see as unnatural, morbid, damaging. The reality, at least in my case, is that the more we realise that these thoughts are just thoughts, the more we accept them, the more we talk openly about them, the more they lose their power.
We are not stupid. We know the difference between a suicidal thought and a definitive urge. By being open and honest with those around us, as well as with mental health professionals, we can demystify a lot of the misinformation and stigma inducing ignorance which surrounds our condition.
I have been moved to write this blog post, due to being given advice yesterday which made me sick. I was told that I should keep my most extreme moments to myself. If I had followed that advice in the past, without doubt, I’d be dead. There is still so much to be done to break down barriers, but simply chatting to people you trust about how your diagnosis affects you in your day to day life, can honestly change your world, and can in fact change the lives of others.

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