This week

I’m not having a bad week. I’m very fragile still, prone to mood switching based on very little, but I seem to be coping better this week. Perhaps because I’ve managed to get more sleep than usual? Perhaps.
Next week I see my psychiatrist so I’m prepping for a massive slump after that. It happens every time, but this appointment will be particularly jarring because I’m going to lay everything that I’ve never told anyone except for two people. I’m hoping that somehow knowing about these exceptionally private things will give them more insight and hopefully give them a clearer angle to work to. I would post about it here but it’s just too private and I haven’t got the courage to do it. Maybe one day I will, but until then I assure you it’s going to take a massive leap to tell a stranger, so keep me in your thoughts if you would?
This upcoming weekend will mostly be drinking vodka and chatting absolute bollocks in the pub.
Currently listening to Placebo – Follow the cops back home.

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