I received a letter today from psychological services. The letter said they needed to do an initial assessment of my needs to establish whether they could help me. I had to call them to confirm I wanted this to go ahead, which I did even though I hate making calls. I am now on an 18 week waiting list just to see if a stranger thinks they can help. My last round of therapy took nearly two years on a waiting list. It just isn’t good enough. Not nearly good enough. It’s not their fault, they can only do what they can with their limited resources. I can only imagine how soul destroying it is for those working in mental health services to know how many of us are so desperate for help, so many of us that will be gone because they couldn’t be there when we needed them. The current system is failing everyone both staff and patients because the government would rather save cash than lives. We live in a society that cares more about stuff than souls. How many more will die before things get any better?


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