Since I was a kid I’ve been quite savvy about the environment. Always wanting to protect and save it. I’ve faught for causes, given to charities. Back when I was younger, it seemed rightly or wrongly that there was more beauty in the world than blackness. Less causes to represent. It was probably my naivety as well as the lack of internet back then, but I could bask in the beauty of it all back then. These days I have to go looking for that same beauty. I think a good way to describe what I mean is an image that I remember from a few years ago. As I walked past a boarded up area in Walsall that was sealed off before the development of some flats on the burnt out remains of an old building. There was a hole cut out of the boards. A small square, say 6 inches each side. Curious, I looked inside and I was mesmerised. Nature had taken over in this small, sealed off plot of land. Wildflowers, weeds (still beautiful), growing out of the ashes like a Phoenix. What struck me was that inside those boards was a paradise, a vision of nature reclaiming what was rightfully hers, and yet there I stood on the concrete outside it. Like looking at a photograph.
Now, years later, the world feels so full of darkness that you have to kick against the current to find the smallest piece of light. It’s getting harder to find.

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