New Year

I’ve been thinking about resolutions. Looking back over the last 12 months has been, let’s just say, interesting. It’s all been somewhat of a blur. I feel like I’ve aged more in a year than I should have. I have learned more about myself than I perhaps wanted to, I have been to the depths and lay amongst my ruins, only to notice the beauty of the stars and lift myself out again. I’ve laughed, cried, and both at the same time. I’ve learned about the people who keep me from the worst of my thoughts Every. Single. Time. The people who have never given up on me no matter how fucking impossible I can be. The new year is bringing it’s own challenges. But I guess I need to remember that I have no control over some things and that’s ok. So, after everything, I have only one resolution, and that is simply just to live. Because living is a pleasure only some of us are fortunate enough to get. Because no matter how hard things get, how impossible things may seem, we go on. 


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