Have you ever felt an emotion so strongly that it literally makes you feel dizzy/faint? When you can feel the warm blood heating up your chest while it drops from your face? When you feel so ill you could vomit? Have you ever felt physical pain even at the merest hint of rejection, perceived or real? When love and hate are so closely linked that half the time you really aren’t sure which is which? When you become so close to someone, their every word, touch, breath becomes a rope with which to hang yourself? When every situation that causes such a visceral response turns Every. Single. Time. To suicide ideation? When every social situation feels like swimming through tar? I could go on. Before you judge someone with BPD try taking a look through their eyes.


5 thoughts on “BPD/EUPD1

  1. This is beautifully written. I am so thankful that you’ve written the words I’ve been too afraid to write… I am terrified of my emotions and ‘normal’ people don’t seem to understand why… Here’s why. This is exactly why. Thanks so much for sharing.

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