But did she buy a pan?

So here I am settling into my normal chair at the pub with a lovely couple of doubles to be going on with and my earbuds on full blast (Thanks Google for not giving a shit about my hearing) I’ve heard that some phones won’t allow you to listen to music is that true?
Anyway this last week has been both a triumph and a nightmare at times. It certainly hasn’t been boring for me I guess.
Sorting through the mountain of paperwork I needed to fill in (still a bit more to do) has been my main objective but because of my move in date getting ever closer I needed to start looking at organising my new bills. First on the list was broadband (yes, before the rent) so I organized it with Virgin media. When I tell you that within the first 2 days of arranging things I had to speak to them 3 times online. I was just trying to clarify things that were wrong about the bill before they tried to take more money than they should; and I still have no idea when the first bill will be taken out of my account. Yeah, not good Virgin Media. Not good at all.
Then there is the hellwhore DWP to deal with. Believe me when I say the closest I’ve ever been to running into traffic has been down to them, so thankfully I am being assisted by a lovely lady from the council welfare and benefits service. If you are having problems with the DWP or just need someone to explain and assist with form filling, please see if your local council can help. It’s always worth a shot, even if they can make some calls on your behalf it makes a lot of difference for your mental health.
I heard from a lady from the council homeless team today and she said that moving house is the 3rd most stressful event in your life. It made me proud for getting to this point with my many social limitations but also allowed me to appreciate that it is seriously stressful, even for people with ‘normal’ brain function. Honestly to anyone doing this, you’re a stone cold badass.
Oh yeah! How could I forget to tell you?! I’ve only gone and bought a fucking saucepan! After weeks of deliberation, review reading and measurement consideration, I have one and she is a beauty. I have left her in her protective box for now because I will be moving her in into the new kitchen soon and I don’t want to scratch her beautiful coating.
Why do I refer to her as she? Because she is svelte and has curves all in the right places. Also I feel more comfortable living with female kitchen tools. So sue me.
I’m just shuffling my Spotify on my earbuds and I’m currently listening to Christine Aguilera and her song ‘Fall in Line’ I have this song on most of my playlists because it’s a bone fide banger and also because it reminds me of the strength of the female. I have always hated misogyny but it was only about 18 months ago that I really embraced my feminism. At 38 it took me a LONG time. Way too long. I consider myself a bad feminist because I have still so much to learn. I read as much as I can and support women in all their forms. It took me too long to realise my privilege as a white, heterosexual woman. I can’t change my privilege, but I can use it to give others without that privilege the floor if they want it.
On that note I will leave you for this week.
Hopefully I’ll be back next Wednesday night.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog please share with others who may enjoy it too. I’m not in it for the money because there is none, I’m just here for the helping.

Happy Wednesday


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