The One Where I Emptied The Hoover

I know that my usual post day is Wednesday but I’m currently in my flat on a chilly Sunday evening and felt like I could do a little writing, so here I am. Hi! I hope all of my three regular readers are relaxed, content and aren’t having an attack of the Sunday night blues.

Well today I spent cleaning mainly. Thankfully my flat is petite and is easy to keep on top of. I did some more hand-washing of my laundry, sadly missing a mangle once again, and to be honest it wasn’t as difficult this time around, so not too bad.

One thing that I haven’t done before that I have recently learned how to do is successfully empty the vacuum cleaner. It is an early G-Tech Air-Ram and it is a lovely little thing; very light and easy to manoeuvre around and underneath things. I also know that it should be easy to empty but as I had never done that before, the first couple of times I lifted the lid as I thought I ought I literally scraped the contents out of it with my fingers into my bin. Anyway, to cut a long story short (too late) my friend and ex came for a visit and told me how it should be done, and now I have clean hands to match my clean vacuum cleaner.

I guess the reason why I felt the need to tell you this is pretty simple really. I was making a simple mistake repeatedly because I didn’t ask for help so I could learn how to do it correctly. Rather than swallow my pride and not worry about looking silly, I didn’t ask and got my hands dirty. The moral is that asking for help is a good thing, regardless of what it is. How else do we learn and grow? I fear that I am sounding a tad cringey so I will end it there.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, whatever you are up to and I should be back as usual on Wednesday evening. Ciao for now.


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