A Terribly British Phenomenon and Getting Shit Done

Good evening lovely readers. Tonight I come to you from an annoyingly noisy Park Tavern this Wednesday. One thing that happens in a British pub that I’m not entirely sure happens in other countries is our ability to have a conversation with almost strangers about people they may know in common. For instance there is a table with a couple and they have struck up a conversation with a table nearby about where they have lived, drank and talked to. It has so far been going on for the last hour ish and all it has included is one person saying a name and another person offering another name in reply, interspersed with nods and grunts of ascent. Sometimes they hit paydirt and have a funny anecdote to tell about their mutual acquaintance. From what I can gather both parties enjoy this, possibly, uniquely British interaction.

Aside from the noisy pub, I am happy to be here. I’ve had a crummy week, lots of things to do and sort out, but here I can just put those crummy things aside for a while.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the Flat pack situation. So far since moving into my flat I have thankfully not had too much in the way of build it yourself bullshit that one would normally expect.
Those pieces of flat pack took me considerably longer to put together than I believe is normal. There is a reason for this. My brain finds it incredibly difficult to follow written instructions well. I didn’t want to ask for help as I am trying to deal with these things on my own. I got a couple of steps wrong but in the end I now have a side table I can be proud of. (It was supposed to be a cabinet but never mind, I joke of course) I think one of the reasons I am enjoying living by myself is that I have stopped putting pressure on myself to get things done in a certain timeframe. It really doesn’t matter when it gets done as long as it gets done at some point, and that’s ok.
I have a set of post-it notes and on each one is written ‘Get Shit Done’ and these days I will be getting shit done, just in my own sweet time.

Ciao for now


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