The one where I went on holiday for 2 weeks and didn’t tell you

Hello eager follower. (I use the word follower for accuracy)
I’m terribly sorry for not posting for 2 weeks but I have been visiting my folks on the borders and quite honestly the reason I haven’t posted is a heady mix of not wanting to be rude and a half-arsed attitude.
So anyway, I am back in The Tav on a very grey, blustery day; supping a double vodka and coke for the first time in 2 weeks and thoroughly enjoying it. The staff have tried to make the place Halloweeny (is that a word?) but alas the attempt is pitiful at best. (See photo at the top of this post) The thing is I still love it purely because it is so shockingly shit that it didn’t even have to try. That shit is just funny anyway.
Speaking of Halloween, or Samhain depending on who you ask; how do you like to celebrate? Do you hate the whole thing?
Here in England we have over the last few years I think, tried to adopt a more grand Halloween, such as those in the US. Trouble is here in Blighty trick or treaters are either very small and cute before 6pm or after 6pm you get people 16 years and up who want just cash and aren’t wearing  a costume.
I think for me Halloween is cool and everything but I’m a morbid, macabre kinda girl anyway, so it’s really just another day. Although I do enjoy seeing pumpkins all over the place.
I remember once I was at a friend’s and we were drunk, so we calved the pumpkin (better not do this when drunk kids) and decided afterwards that we should use the pumpkin innards to make a milkshake. Neither of us had ever made a milkshake of any kind but we had a secret weapon, we had bags of enthusiasm and a food mixer. What we created out of pumpkin offal, granulated sugar, cinnamon and approximately two pints of whole milk was something to behold. If you want to behold a fucking travesty.
Funny though.


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