The One Where I Looked For A Distraction Behind The Sofa

I’ve been pretty sad since I got back from Cumbria. I have been trying to work out why and I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of things.

• The weather is grey and miserable
• I am a bit lonely at the moment
• I live in the Midlands

The change in season is a big thing I think. The darker days and nights, the cold etc. Although there are cool things that happen in Autumn/Winter they still don’t outweigh the rubbish parts.
As for loneliness, it is a massive issue with older people already but the age groups that are reporting chronic loneliness are getting younger and younger.
It seems counter intuitive doesn’t it? We are the most connected humans to have ever existed and yet we are so far away from each other. Don’t worry I’m not going to blame the internet like some commentators do. I love the internet. It allows me to exist outside of four walls, it allows me to travel anywhere I want to, right down to the exact address. Of all the wonderful things it does, you cannot exist on the internet exclusively. Even if I would love that. Riding around in a tunnel of fibre-optic, I bet it would be hella tickly.
I think so many of us are lonely because we can’t stand the sound of our internal dialogue. The internet means that you can be distracted 24/7 so when we have a period of time without it, we are left with someone you can’t stand the sound of.
I don’t think this is the fault of the internet as such. On the one side of things, the internet may have provided you or someone you know with the ammunition to kill your self-esteem. Thing is the internet is always there to distract you from those thoughts that are troubling and heavy to hold.
It’s like an internet paradox.
A closed circuit.

Anyway. That’s just something I’m pondering right now.



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