The Second Therapy One

So I’m in the pub and I’ve been here a while already. Unusually I haven’t felt compelled to write anything yet, usually after listening to a few songs I’m prepped and ready (Or boozed and loose-lipped) Whatever, I don’t care. So instead as you can probably tell I have just started writing in the hope that my brain will pick up on something.

5 Minutes Later…..

Yes! Today I went for a therapy session. It’s only my second one and imma be honest it gave me a right shoe-in today. (For non-blackcountry folk that means it kicked me in the vagina)
Anyway. My therapist told me something that nobody has said before. She said that I can address my past without including people that I don’t want to think about.
Essentially, dealing with the problematic parts of my personality without triggering me massively by talking about the players in that little pantomime.
It is honestly liberating. All the time I see people telling others that if you ever want to move forward from your past, you have to confront the people who made you who you are. This isn’t the truth!
I was reluctant to talk about some things because I didn’t want to say the words. I didn’t want that sour taste in my mouth. Insteady therapist took away that pressure but ignoring them all together.
I can still move forward. I can still live.
I just have to let myself be free.

Love you guys.


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