Stop telling me to love myself when tolerating myself is a closer goal

Let’s talk for a minute about goals, aspirations, dreams, wants, needs. #lifegoals if you must.
A shit ton of neurotypical and occasionally neurodiverse people like to throw soundbites into the arena because they think that mental illness isn’t something that controls much of your life unless you allow it to.
One of my favourite soundbites that I would like thrown into the sea is ‘Love Yourself’.
This is a perfect example of the wannabe Tony Robbin’s of the world, that reduce the reality to fit into a 2 hour seminar. This next one will no doubt smell familiar to you, how about ‘Live, Laugh, Love’? Of course you have and the mere thought of it makes me want to punch a wall.
We hear them all the time, and they are memorable by design, in the same way that advertising is memorable. It sells product.
But hey if you find the soundbites useful in your journey then I’m not judging.
Heading back to the first example, let me explain why it needs putting in the bin.
Imagine now if you will, those words through the middle of a picture of a sunset, or a beach, or a pier. Very lovely.
But importantly in this instance does it make you want to love yourself? If so, great! Me on the other hand find it cringeworthy enough to crawl back inside my own body.
‘Love Yourself’? Go fuck yourself.
A piece of advice for people who create this content is this; stop telling me to love myself when tolerating myself is a closer goal. It’s a good starting point! Wind your necks in and make these things doable: and before you jump on me saying that people buy this shit merch all the time, yes I know, but that’s just because it’s the most relatable to mentally ill people and nothing more accurate exists! We need inspiration too!
I don’t want my life to be reduced to a cute comment on a T.Shirt or poster.

So here’s one for you all to stick on to a picture you find pretty


Peace out loves



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