The Self Information Station (For Beginners)

Welcome friends.

I can’t remember ever really introducing myself properly in this space, and it got me thinking about who I am as a person outside of my mental illnesses, and so here I am sitting in front of my laptop thinking about the things that make me, well, me.

I’m not predisposed to a cheery disposition. I wasn’t blessed with optimism, and I am positively non-bubbly. I like my men how I like my comedy; sharp, smart and borderline offensive.

My life is like an open book, my spine is cracked but I smell fucking amazing.

I am quite small, 5″2 in total so you won’t catch me reaching for the top shelf in the supermarket, but if you need someone with small hands for a fiddly bit of D.I.Y. then I’m your girl. As well as being weeny I am quite a chunky bird, although I do have pretty good bone structure for a fat lass.

I guess I should mention hobbies right? I don’t really have any to be honest. I do have a few things that I am vaguely enthusiastic about. I love writing, but that shouldn’t really come as a shock considering you are currently reading this right now. I do have a particular fondness for writing reviews of things, especially places I visit. Google tells me I am in the top 10% of pub reviewers which is quite the accolade (well I think it is).

Music is incredibly important to me, which is something everyone says really, so enough about that one. Mainly I just enjoy being creative when I feel well enough.

Anyway, Google tells me that this list is just perfect for getting to know people so I will answer these in the hopes that they will be illuminating.

  1. When is your birthday? I won’t say the day but it is in December. A positively festive birthday for a positively un-festive person.
  2. What is your favorite animal? This is a hella tricky question because I love all of them. I guess dogs would be at the top. It is easier to tell you which animals make me feel sick and they are frogs.
  3. What do you do for a living? Very little. Are you in school? Thankfully no.
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would go to Costa Rica purely for the sloth sanctuary.
  5. What was your favorite school subject? English
  6. Do you have a small or big family? Small I guess? Average?
  7. What genres of music do you like best? Mainly 90’s music, but I like music from all genres.
  8. How do you like to spend your free time? Wasting it.
  9. Are you a morning or a night person? Constantly exhausted pigeon.
  10. What is your favorite food? Pizza
  11. What is your favorite movie or TV show? Bob’s Burgers
  12. What is your favorite childhood memory? Hmm can’t think of anything specific right now, soz.
  13. Who is your celebrity crush? Sam Rockwell
  14. Do you speak more than one language? Nope. Hopelessly English.
  15. What is your biggest pet peeve? Poor manners.
  16. What is your favorite holiday? Don’t really know.
  17. Where did you grow up? West Midlands
  18. What is the skill that you would like to learn? I’d love to be more tech savvy.
  19. What do you value most in a friend? Loyalty over everything else, but I do love someone who I can debate big ideas with.
  20. What is your biggest irrational fear? Small spaces. I have extreme claustrophobia, but I guess that is quite rational? Irrational is my fear of spontaneous human combustion. Or is it?!

So that’s that then. My apologies for the – turns out – very dull list. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer for you, please let me know, and I will answer if I want to.

Enjoy the rest of the day folks

Love to you all



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