Even When You Reach Out You May Not Find A Branch

Hello to all of my readers,

I’m sorry I’ve been lost in action for the last week, sometimes my brain is full and I don’t want to write it down – strangely enough this happens – and so I have instead digested events solo instead. I know that it isn’t always the best way, in fact people are always telling you to talk more about your feelings; but that is sometimes a double-edged sword and this is why.

I think it would be exceptionally rare if one of your friends, family, or other close person told you that you couldn’t talk to them about your emotional issues. It just isn’t something that is deemed acceptable within close circles. But it really should be.

There is a popular saying that goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and as much as I loathe a cliche, this one is right on the money.

No matter who you are, mentally healthy or otherwise, life is a tough break for most, no actually all, of us at one time or another. That doesn’t mean that people don’t care, it just means they are busy, mentally or physically. Or, that they simply can’t afford to hold your problems in their head.

This doesn’t mean that the relationship you have with them is defective in some way. Don’t be angry for someone who wants to protect their headspace, it is after all a very expensive commodity.

As I’d imagine, all of my mentally poorly readers will understand how important a healthy brain is, because of how hard it is to fight it is obtain one.

But, my friends, what I’ve just said is true; of that I have no doubt, except the glaringly obvious problem this truth presents, and that is, how fucking hard it is to believe. We know for sure that if this has happened to you, where someone close can’t listen to you, it feels likes a personal slight. The narrative you have with yourself might go something like this ” You’re a terrible burden”, “They don’t love/care about me anymore”, “They are so selfish, they aren’t there when I need them” and on and on it goes with the familiar repertoir inside your head.

I have struggled with this myself. From both sides of the interaction and I can tell you that it sucked from whichever direction you are coming from.

I won’t advise of course, I can add my twopence worth as I like to do, and it is the following. Don’t always assume that you are disliked because you wanted to talk to someone who couldn’t give you that. I know I have to take a deep breath and try to accept this and I will keep trying. I hope you can too.

All my love


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