Bonus Round

I’ve already written today’s post but I’ve got something else to say.
Throughout my life I have been abandoned by those who promised to never do it.
Before I was on the crisis teams Christmas card list, I was a regular Human being, with regular emotional control. It’s hard to believe now but it’s true.
I’m not going to name and shame, I don’t want to do that at all. But at certain times in my life, added to certain people, my capacity to cope with life was reduced.
I learned that the people you love will drop you like a hot rock when you grow outside of their organised little circle. I learned that people you love don’t always have your best interests at heart, even though you want to believe that they have your back. I learned that love will always equal pain, whether it’s beginnings or endings.
I’m not ashamed of how my brain operates. If anything, I am proud of it. It has kept me alive all this time; it has refused to give up no matter how many times it has broken.


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