My Life In 100 Images In No Particular Order (1-10)

Hey readers! Hope you’re all well. I think the title of this post speaks for itself so I won’t insult your vast intelligence by explaining and I’m going to get right to it. So here we go….

Number 1. My Phone

Over the years I have had many, many phones and all of them have been my favourite tech. I know a lot of people who have mental illnesses don’t like phones very much because of how long they spend looking at them, or browsing social media that can be problematic for people; personally my phone is my lifeline and my connection to the world outside my little flat. I love it.

Number 2. My ‘Raise Hell’ human femur

Don;t worry too much it isn’t a real femur

This is a very recent impulse purchase of mine from an online shop called ‘The Blackened Teeth’. As soon as I saw it I had to have it. Don’t worry it isn’t a real femur it’s a replica, but it’s still badass.

Number 3. My Crow Lamp

Caw Caw!

I received my lovely crow as a Christmas gift a few years ago. I love Corvids. They are my favourite family of birds for their sneaky, intelligent and funny personalities; as well as their links to mysteries of the occult and the macabre.

Number 4. My Guillermo Del Toro Inspired Tarot Deck

These tarot cards were illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Tomas Hijo. I have only used them once in an attempt at divination, but mainly I like to take them out and look at them. I’m far more an admirer than a diviner.

Number 5. My Tattoo Artwork

A Tattoo Without Pain

I LOVE tattoos but as someone who is constantly changing her mind, this beautiful artwork created my the insanely talented tattooist and artist Kelly Violence brings me joy every day, doesn’t hurt, and can be admired without me having to show parts or my anatomy. Perfect.

Number 6. My Watch

Tick Tock

I love watches. I think I inherited my love for them from my dad who also has a penchant for them. I recently indulged in a Swatch Big Bold and have zero regrets. It’s bright, it’s big and just a bit silly.

Number 7. My Flying Spaghetti Monster

Please Admire His Noodly Appendages

My super-talented mom made him for me and when he isn’t sitting happily on my shelf, he sits atop my Christmas tree throughout December.

Number 8. Bing-Bong

First things first I’m not a massive Disney fan, but I must admit it does have its moments. Inside Out is an absolutely beautiful film that has a lot to teach everyone about mental health. Bing-Bong is the character that has the most impact for me, and as such, he made the shelf. He is always in view should I need to remind myself to keep hold of my childhood.

Number 9. My Kindle

Reading is so important to me. I used to read quite a lot when I was younger but it kind of fell out of favour while I was doing my degree, probably because I was already reading my study books. After finishing my degree I picked it up again and haven’t looked back. My Kindle Paperwhite was a present from my mom and it’s been a game-changer. With limited space for physical books, this is perfect.

Number 10. My Plague Doctor

Bring Out Your Dead!

My mom knows me so well and proves it with her excellent choices of gift for me. I love the plague doctor image. He gives vibes of creepiness, darkness and the macabre that I love so much. He’s an awesome little guy.

So guys if you’ve got this far, then thank you! I hope you have enjoyed the first ten of my objects. I will pop the next instalment up when I have written it.

Take care



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