A Little Hope?

Make a wish. It doesn’t matter what it is, or who it’s for. Just make one. Tell nobody what it is, they don’t need to know, this is just for you, but don’t forget it and keep asking for it. It may not happen, but where’s the harm in holding on to it?
The reason I start with this is simply that as human beings we need hope. I hate it but we do. I have always considered hope to be a state in which madness lies; a false sense of security; and in a way it is just that. The faith that what you wish will come true, is as useful as it is problematic, but the thing is, the difference in my mood depending on how I’m thinking is drastic.
Without the hope in my heart I am helpless, dejected, despondent, broken. But at least I am facing the truth right? At least I’m not fooling myself with hope of something I long for right?
Wrong. A life with hope is a life holding onto the goodness that is sadly lacking in the world. A life with hope doesn’t require any repentance, or devotion to any deity if you don’t want it to. It just asks that you have faith in something better.
And that is my wish.

Sending love to you all



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