My Life In 100 Images (In No Particular Order) 31-40

Hi guys here is my latest instalment of my life in pictures. It is getting quite tricky now, and I’m not sure I actually have 100 things to make a record of; but I am determined so although these may take more time to produce I will make it to 100. Anyway, enjoy.

31. Kuchi Kopi

Kuchi Kopi

If you haven’t already guessed from my previous lists, Bob’s Burgers is a favourite of mine and Kuchi is the beloved toy of Louise Belcher. I just love the startled expression he has and that he is luminous green.

32. Givenchy Interdit

I love perfume, the more complex a scent the better. Over the years I have tried many perfumes and this one just happens to be my current favourite. I tend to enjoy oriental scents the most but I always have to have base notes that are slightly sweet, such as vanilla or bergamot.

There is something remarkable to me about how perfumes are created. I just love it when people smell nice, it’s hugely important to me, so I have to smell nice too.

33. Google Home

I love my Google Home Pod. She is very polite and she allows me to play any of my favourite music from Spotify at the same time as telling when my oven chips are ready to come out of the oven. She is a lovely little companion that helps me be as idle as possible.

34. Ghost Fairy Lights


As a lover of all things macabre as I know I’ve already mentioned, and included in that is a love for all this supernatural/paranormal and spooky in general. I’m not a believer of everything I see and hear, but I will never stop trying to be convinced, even if that means a ghost slapping me on the arse. Above all else I just love a good story, and ghost stories are a lot of fun, as are my ghost fairy lights.

35. The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows

This book is one of my favourites though I haven’t had it very long. Basically this dictionary contains words for thoughts and feelings that you had no idea there was a word for. For some reason it is so important and comforting to have the words.

36. Fresh Flowers

One of the things I promised myself when I was about to move into my flat on my own, was that every week – if I could – I would buy myself flowers. I enjoy their colour and fragrance, and they bring me a lot of joy.

37. Crossword Books

I enjoy doing crossword puzzles to relax. It’s the only puzzle I like to play. Apparently doing mental puzzles helps keep the brain in shape, and I very much need that.

38. Chromebook

I moved from a laptop to a Chromebook fairly recently, and as someone who loves to write, it has been a game-changer. It boots up immediately, and the battery lasts for hours; which means I can work at the moment inspiration strikes, from anywhere I like. It’s also compact and lightweight, so no problems toting it around.

39. Orange Squash

When I’m at home, as much as I enjoy a cup of tea, my favourite drink is orange squash. I drink it a LOT. Of all the drink flavours, orange is the best.

40. Tropic Superfood Hand Therapy

I have tried loads of hand creams over the years, both budget and luxury, and this is my favourite one. It’s the only one that makes my hands appear younger, as well as being vegan and free from artificial ingredients. Oh and they make my hands super smooth and feeling lovely.


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