Can You Contribute? Experienced BPD love either as a sufferer or loved one?

My intention with this blog was to try and talk about what love feels like for someone with BPD, but I realised after thinking of things to say over the last few days, it is just impossible to explain it succinctly with one blog. So, that being said I decided to break it up a bit. The idea being that I would talk about it on different days and in different moods to hopefully give a more robust explanation than just me, three sheets to the wind on a Wednesday night. I’m thinking that I can’t force it so this isn’t going to be a once a day for a while things, rather, it will be a spontaneous thing – if I can – that will show that BPD love isn’t as scary as it may appear to the diagnosed and the people who care about them. But also that it isn’t something that should be taken lightly either.

I would love for any of my readers to share with me their own experiences with BPD love, as a loved one, or a diagnosed person.
You don’t have to tell me your name, it can be completely anonymous if you prefer.
If you are happy to share I would be very grateful, or if you know someone who may have something to contribute please by all means send them here.

Anyway, that’s all from me at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you!

All my love



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