Update On Self Esteem Post

Earlier in the week I wrote a blog about self-esteem. Essentially my self-esteem, and I as usual posted it in a few sites. I posted it on The Mighty and I had no clue how self-image issues present themselves in different people. I have been in tears reading some of the replies.

There are so many things that can affect how you see yourself in the mirror. Some responses were from people who have lost someone by suicide all because they couldn’t face their reflections anymore. I haven’t had the energy to reply to any just yet. All I do know is

that people all over the world, from all walks of life are struggling to accept who they are, for numerous reasons. I won’t be running to the cliche that has become self-care, or be kind. They are used so much by people who care so little.

Instead I will just say, I don’t know what the answer is to what is obviously an epidemic. But shit, we really need to stop being so judgemental of others, because from where I’m sitting that is the path it has taken.