Suicide Isn’t Rational So Don’t Expect It To Be


It’s a funny thing with suicidal ideation. Not in a humourous sense you understand, but an odd thing.
People often say when someone makes their final journey that they don’t understand why they had left food in the fridge, or that they had a bath beforehand. They don’t understand how the day before they were in their local with friends, laughing together, or why they bought tickets to a gig that happened after their death.
I’m here to tell you that thoughts of suicide can occur at any point to a person struggling with their mental health. We don’t all wail and scream; we don’t all climb up on a rooftop in front of people. We just want a little piece of peace.
Here’s the tea. Suicidal people are not rational people. Not really. We may feel very rational, we may appear perfectly rational to people we meet. But suicidal thoughts are not rational. Not ever. Some may disagree but this is my stance.
A suicidal urge can hit at any point and at that moment we are at our most vulnerable. At that point we are not thinking of a concert next month, we aren’t thinking about the food left in the fridge. We aren’t thinking of anything at all, except of course death.
Don’t assume your friends are ok because they seem to have it together. The opposite may be true, but you’ll never know unless you ask.