Afterlife. It’s a strange concept for the atheist to truly understand. I don’t and have never really believed in a diety. Years of Sunday school at a local Methodist church should have made my faith stronger but it had the opposite effect for me. It’s hard to know when I lost my faith. A moment in time perhaps? An event that I cant remember maybe? All I know is that one day I believed and one day I didn’t. My friends are atheist, they believe in a eternal slumber at the end where we return to the stardust from whence we came. It’s a strangely beautiful concept, one that I should embrace as the sceptical person I am, except I don’t. I believe in something, not particularly a diety, but something. Something we can neither explain nor understand. A higher tier of life. I’m not that naive to think that the reason I feel this way is anything but wishful thinking. I have loved and lost people along the way and I hate to consider the possibility that they haven’t gone on to a higher realm. To me, what’s the point of life if this is all there is? What’s the point in carrying on when there is nothing at the end of that rainbow?
So for now I believe in something, a place, a thought, a time, when everything will be better, where there is no pressure to be somebody you weren’t meant to be.

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